Fresh Herb Thyme Tea

Recently I’ve been enjoying a warm cup of fresh herb thyme tea at least twice a day.once in the morning and once at night just before bed. If like me you enjoy your warm cup of thyme tea, wait till you get your lips on its cold version. With summer days right around the corner this refreshingly delicious, and healthy drink might just replace your favorite summer beverage. Thyme not only makes a delicious thirst quenching tea but it contains some incredible healing compounds. Here’s a list of some of them.. Its packed with antioxidants .soothes coughs and can even help treat bronchitis .relieves indigestion, bloating and intestinal cramping. It can provide essential minerals like iron, vitamins K, manganese and calcium So don’t over look this awesome herb.
Here’s how you prepare it.
Simmer some water and depending on how strong you want it add the fresh herb. Never over boil always simmer on very low heat and cover to preserve the oils. Drink it hot or refrigerate over night for an even more aromatic tea.