Got the opportunity and will power that was fueled by Ayan  to carry out a 30 day juice cleanse. She provided  recipes that were carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure the success of the cleanse. 

It was utterly amazing. I got to experience positive changes with my body . It was so rewarding that my husband and I have made juicing a big part if our daily nutritional life style and are happy to  continue with such a healthy addition to our eating. Try it, it works!


Thank you for exposing me to the practice of juicing fruits and vegetables, it’s benefits and encouraging me to incorporate it in my daily living.. 

When I participated in the 30 day juicing program that you designed, earlier on in the year, even though it involved a lot of hard work (standing at my kitchen sink preparing fruits and veggies to be juiced), I achieved great results with regards to my weight loss plans. 

I also received compliments about how my skin glowed. 

While doing the program, by default, my husband got on board and mentioned that he felt so light!

We’re now both very conscious about what we put in our bodies in the name of food and nourishment. 

Thank you for taking the bold step to share your knowledge and encourage others to make a paradigm shift in the areas of feeding and taking care of our physical bodies.


When i started the 30 day detox program i went in with an open mind thanks to Ayan’s expertise to see what would happen to my body and mind after such a long period of time of juicing. I had previously done it but for three days only. I started with a positive attitude and the outcome was worth it at the end. I lost a few pounds, felt no bloating at all and had a clear mind of how food impacts our bodies and lives in general. 

The challenges that faced me were mainly in the first three to five days. I love my coffee and having to cut it out of my diet made me realize that i am a coffee junkie. Preparing the juices with all that is going around us we forget that we need to take care of ourselves first so that we are able to take care of others, i made that work by juicing my entire day intake the night before.

The first two days i was hungry, cranky, had a mild annoying headache and was down on my energy level. I was told way before we started that we may experience some of these symptoms so that didn’t discourage me, in fact i was now 100% sure that i had a lot of toxins in my body and they were being flushed out. After five days i didn’t have any symptoms at all. I was now consuming more water and three to four juices a day. I was back to the gym doing high intensity cardio exercises and was feeling very energetic. The support group that i attended every week lead by Ayan was extremely helpful because it gave me an insight of what other people were feeling and she helped me stay on the program until i finished all the 30 days. 

Would i do it again?? oh yes it has become part of my life and i make it a point to replace a couple of my meals with juice. I have also got my entire family hooked on it and i feel so proud that i have managed to change their eating habits to a healthier options


I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for nominating me to take part in the past 3 days Vegan  Diet Challenge! Honestly, I didn’t have hopes that I’d actually make it but I did and my nerves were shot at the same time I was excited! I have a busy schedule of raising a family and attending gym 4 days a week hence  my nervousness about how I would’ve found time to make the food. Long story short, two days later I made sure I had all the grocery ingredients to succeed & mostly prepared my mind for seriously giving it my all! 

What helped me was you kindly sharing a menu, grocery list and recipes for the meals. Meal prepping over the weekend made it all worth while because I had the food read when I needed it amidst everything else. Sorry for blabbering on and on but I’m just excited to have discovered that I can make this a lifestyle change and I wouldn’t have done it without your help. I will include the rest of my family in this change slowly but surely! 

Thank You Once Again


In the three months that I worked with Ayan, I learned so much about my self, my eating habits and lifestyle. Ayan was able to help me by addressing the many factors that affect my health, she taught me how to nourish my body and soul not just with food but with mindfulness, meditation, and support.

Than you for all that you do